Author: Corrina Frost

Guest Review Awards 2018 9.8.
We are really pleased to receive this recognition at the end of our first year as a rural B&B.
Thank you to all our wonderful guests.

Bonfires of Aínsa

11th-19th January 2019.
The tradition of the fire returns. While the land sleeps, it warms the homes, purifies the souls, protects against curses and brings blessing to the people animals and crops.

• SAN VÍCTORIAN (Plaza Mayor) – 11th January 2019. Service at 12.00 in Aínsa
• SAN ANTÓN (Plaza Mayor and Calle Mayor) – 16th January 2019. Service at 12.00 and the blessing of animals at 12.30 in Aínsa.
• SAN SEBASTIÁN (All of Aínsa) – 19th January 2019. Service at 12.00 in Aínsa, blessing of the charity at 12.30. In Guaso at 13.00.

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